Patu theses

For us at Patu Wholesalers the customer has always been at the centre of our service. Local food and regional employment are truly a matter of the heart for us. Here we have crystallized the cornerstones of our thinking into Patu’s theses. This is what Patu Wholesalers are:

Choice of the Lunch customer

Many of Finland’s best lunch restaurants have chosen us as their partner. Our successful customers emphasize the importance of purchases in creating economically profitable lunches. The contract and pricing must be in balance.

Partner in growth

Cooperation is not based solely on price excels, but has deeper dimensions. When a procurement contract is centralized for us, there are naturally centralization benefits. We understand clients’ business in the private and public sectors, industry and commerce. There is the power of growth in teamwork.

Local food

Our unique strength is that today the prechopped vegetables and peeled root vegetables are on our customers’ lunch tables the very next day. This is possible because we work closely with local producers. We bring the highest quality local food from the regions to our customers’ tables and support producers.

Truly regional

The local wholesaler is close to the customer, knows their own area well and is able to serve optimally. Freshness is maintained and loss is reduced with fast deliveries. Our service covers the entire Finland from the archipelago, all the way to the northernmost parts of the country. We employ locally and are committed to regional business.


Cooperation with a domestic family business is of interest. Through a chain of service wholesalers, we centralize our purchases and can offer our customers campaign products from our chain. In addition, we tailor our customers’ product range and deliveries to suit them.

Wide selection

Our product range is diverse. If desired, the customer receives all the products they need in one delivery, which facilitates inventory management. Also more special products on request. The online store is open around the clock and the customer can view their order history effortlessly.

Flexible service

The customer is at the heart of our service. Even though more and more people are ordering digitally, you always get service from us by phone as well. We provide tips and ideas even when planning a lunch menu. We help create more profitable operations. Fast and flexible deliveries are our genuine and praised service promise.

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